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Filmmaking in the time of COVID

As of today, we have been in quarantine for almost 8 weeks; all of my peers in the film business who don't work in post-production or animation are unemployed and there are no productions on the horizon. Actors, Cinematographers, PAs, SetDec, artists of every ilk are fighting to get by. But there is a magnificent silver-lining to this storm cloud; filmmakers the toughest and most ingenious of us. They are historical champions of social justice, entrepreneurs, filled with ingenuity, spunk and a work ethic next to none. I have seen my friends rise up and create things out of nothing. F.E.E.L. is one such organization and I am in awe of what they do. They have turned an army of unemployed film workers into driven philanthropists hell bent on making sure that no one goes hungry.

Other filmmakers I know are sharpening their tools and search for new ways to innovate and create more awesome stories because as the world has witnessed first hand... when it all goes to shit everyone turns to movies & TV for comfort, to escape, to decompress. Support art. Support storytellers of every kind. They may very well save your life.

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